Freelance Animator

Here's pretty much what the job is about.


Tell compelling stories through animation. This includes all art and assets used in the making of the video.


  • Work with direction given by Creative Director and Art Director to create character/graphics motion.
  • Translate the animatic and style guide into a thoughtfully animated finished video.
  • Animate characters and graphics in a way that communicates both clearly and delightfully, laying out the story in natural and engaging movements.
  • Ability to work in a variety of styles.
  • Incorporate director and client notes.
  • Communicate all deliverables and timelines.


  • Strong animation and motion experience. 
  • Strong drawing skills.
  • Proficiency in Adobe CC, ToonBoom or Cinema 4D is a plus.
  • Story board training is a plus.
  • Illustration skills are a plus.